Paint & Perception

In my work I attempt to question ideas of originality and authorship, I allow myself to revisit and excavate the past, my own and that of others, in order to challenge painterly vocabulary and mark making, and in doing so, some works appear to have been painted intuitively or spontaneously, but  the emotional content has been stripped away by means of my own parameters. This aims to lay bare the seductive nature of the medium of paint itself, and to pick away at the ideals of traditional art market system where value is attached to art as the unique object.

this is not the sea (detail) P1130160 Perception I 152x172cm DSC09016 148x199cm I have stitched life into me... P1100873 le ciel se deshabille de sa nuit,THE SKY UNDRESSED FROM THE NIGHT 33 x 41cm 2016