The Landmark Commission is a work comprising of 4 paintings (oil on linen, each 180x270cm,) 2 triptychs (oil on linen, 540x270cm & 210x100cm) and connecting lines painted on the walls of the space.

To develop these works, I drew my inspiration from the photographic documentation of the Landmark before its renovation and restructuring in 1993. I started by making two smaller works, using architectural details and focusing on the geometric shapes and patterns from the images of the derelict building. These paintings were subsequently partially destroyed, fragmented and exposed to the elements. From fragments of the preliminary works I developed the larger paintings, moving them into a more abstract form of expression, which none the less has its foundation in the images of the original flour mill construction. The works echo the process of destruction and renaissance as witnessed by the Landmark I, thus linking the foundations of the paintings to the origins of Landmark buildings.



From the painting furthest on the left of the long wall I extended a large painterly line on to the wall itself, which continues around the interior, to finally be continued on to the wall facing the terrace and the entrance connecting the works with each other, but also to the location and the very fabric of the building itself.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Sarah Knill-Jones May 2013